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Our firm represents landlords throughout the state. We are well-equipped to handle any landlord legal matter, including non-payment of rent, preparation of legal notices, defense of fair housing complaints, special or forcible detainers (evictions), tenant issues and preparation or revision of lease agreements or addendums. In most cases, our landlord clients can receive answers to their legal questions from our legal support team by way of email or telephone without incurring a charge for legal services.


Eviction is the removal of a tenant from rental property by the landlord due to the tenant’s breach. Before any action can be taken, landlords must comply with certain legal requirements. Typically, just cause must be evident, followed by a lawsuit in a court. The most common causes for eviction include nonpayment of rent or a breach of the lease or law. Contact us regarding issues concerning the eviction process including:

  • Legal Notice
  • Eviction Processes
  • Obtaining Possession of Property
  • Recovering damages caused by tenant’s breach

Tenant Issues

If you rent or if you are a landlord, the Arizona Residential Landlord & Tenant Act applies to you. This Act explains what rights and responsibilities landlords and tenants have. We can help with these issues which include:

  • What are a landlord’s rights in collecting rents?
  • Can a landlord create rules and regulations that apply to tenants?
  • What obligation does a landlord have in maintaining the residence and premises?
  • What can a landlord do if a tenant breaches the rental agreement?
  • What type of legal notice should be given to a tenant for various violations of the lease or the law?

Fair Housing Law

Housing and lending discrimination can apply when people try to rent or buy a home. State and Federal fair housing laws provide a critical way to deter and counteract housing discrimination. In the Sale and Rental of Housing: No one may take any of the following actions based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status or handicap:

  • Refuse to rent or sell housing
  • Refuse to negotiate for housing
  • Make housing unavailable
  • Deny a dwelling
  • Set different terms, conditions or privileges for sale or rental of a dwelling
  • Provide different housing services or facilities
  • Falsely deny that housing is available for inspection, sale, or rental
  • For profit, persuade owners to sell or rent (blockbusting)
  • Deny anyone access to or membership in a facility or service (such as a multiple listing service) related to the sale or rental of housing
  • Fair housing issues can be complex. We assist landlords in navigating through these complex issues to insure compliance with the state and federal law and our attorneys provide competent legal assistance in those instances where you may be accused of violating Fair Housing laws.

Preparation or Revision of Lease Agreements

A lease is a legal contract, as well as an immensely practical document full of crucial business details, such as how long the tenant can occupy the property and the amount of rent due each month. A strong lease which complies with the law is one of the best ways to avoid long and expensive legal issues with tenants. We can help you with legal document needs.

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