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Personal Injury

Looking for a Personal Injury Attorney in the Phoenix area?

Have you or one of your family members experienced an injury? We Can Help!
Experience the KLG difference… Your initial consultation will ALWAYS be with a personal injury lawyer, not an assistant. We want you to have the best legal counsel from the very start of your case.

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We understand the emotional stress an unexpected accident can create in your life. It can affect everyone around you and cause many unforeseen problems with work and family situations. Don’t ever try to fight insurance companies alone… The personal injury team at Koglmeier Law Group can help you what you need and deserve in the following situations and more :

• Wrongful death
• Lost wages
• Dog Bite
• Slip & Fall
• Boating Accident
• Motorcycle Accident
• Car Accident
• Extensive medical bills
• Permanent physical damage
• Emotional damage

Our personal injury lawyers will help you obtain compensation for any incurred injuries and/or damages. We will responsibly and aggressively investigate your case so we can effectively represent you. This will enable you to attend to and concentrate on the family, health, and economic concerns that need your attention.